Industry Trend

Information technology has a revolutionary impact on education. It is an important task of the country's education modernization reform to vigorously promote education informatization, explore a new mode of talent training under the condition of "Internet +", build a new mode of education and teaching, a new mode of education service supply and a new mode of education governance based on information technology, and promote the improvement of education quality with modern information technology.

Education informatization construction takes information resources and information services as the core content, carries out digital teaching and management, creates virtual space and digital living space, realizes the network, distance and intelligence of teaching and management, expands the concept of school, and provides a solid foundation for schools to spread knowledge across the region and remote business management.

SINCE 2005

AVA Electronic

AVA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (also referred to as AVA, which is a listed company owned by China Reform Culture Holding Co,.Ltd. (stock code:600636), a fully-owned subsidiary founded in 2005, more than 35 localization service centers and more than 1,000 partners, and its products and services cover more than 60,000 schools nationwide.

AVA is a national key software enterprise and high-tech enterprise with the ability to integrate research, production and marketing. Relying on the core technology of "cloud + terminal + application + service", it provides system solutions for the informatization construction of basic education, higher educational and vocational education, AVA have independent research and development AI capability. At the same time, for the needs of the Party school, organs, judicial and other fields, it can provide accurate information solutions, our product served Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other provinces and cities of hundreds of industrial units.